George and Roulis Alahouzos were born in Melbourne Australia. During high school George started making short super 8 films. His interest in fantasy, horror and sci-fi films, literature and art drew him into drawing and sculpture. In the late seventies they moved to Greece whereupon George studied graphic arts in Athens from 1979 to 1982. During this time George decided that he should pursue a career in make-up effects, something evidently missing from the Greek film and TV industry. Following two years of intense study and experimentation, he worked on several short films and in 1984 he worked on his first commercial spot. Soon his younger brother Roulis began working with him and in 1986 they did the effects for their first feature film. The need for make-up effects in Greece though was not in constant demand so they decided to add miniature work and props. In 1988 they took Dick Smith’s Professional Make-up Course. From 1987 to 1990 Roulis also worked as a production assistant and in set construction. In 1990 they received a technical achievement award for their work on a feature film incorporating both make-up and visual effects. Since then they have worked on over thirty feature films, innumerable commercials, TV shows, theatrical plays, video clips and photo shoots. In 2004 they were handed the task of creating close to 200 ancient Greek statue latex headpieces and 25 latex kores dresses for the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games. They have also directed and produced several video clips and TV spots, with George directing and Roulis taking on production chores. Recently they have begun working with 3D animation and other CGI work.